Starving Script Writers

Jonathan Cook

Years of experience: 21

Expertise: Communication and Film

Derrick Ferguson

Years of experience: 19

Expertise: History, Kinesiology, and Retail

Brent Whiteside

Years of experience: 20

Expertise: Criminal Justice

Craig Ferguson

Years of experience: 21

Expertise: Graphic Design/Game Design

Hal Wixon (SAG), Director of Gulf Coast Film Festival
Denise Gossett, Director of Shriekfest Film Festival                

Benton Luke (SAG)

Van Shotwell, FTM              

Our Staff

Cook, Ferguson, and Whiteside are managed by Van Shotwell  of Forte Talent Management Houston, Texas.  The team is represented by agent/attorney Victor Makris of Makris Law Firm, P.C. in Houston, Texas.

Victor N. Makris, J.D             

Our Representation